Need a loan today?

How about $1200 dollars?

You could pay it back in 7 months

Average weekly repayments: $68

Estimated total fees & charges: $825

Total Repayment: $2025

PLEASE NOTE: These values are examples only. Different amounts and terms will result in different average weekly repayments and total fees and charges. Costs, such as dishonour charges are not included in the total fees and charges above.

Step 1: Apply

It's quick and easy to submit a Cash Advance or Personal Loan application online. Apply through this website or download our Cash Converters app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Review

We review the details of your application to make sure we’re lending you an affordable amount and that it will meet your needs.

Step 3: Approve

When your application is approved, we ask you to finalise your agreement, and then your money is sent to your bank account!

We choose to cap the cost of our loans so the cost of credit will always be less than the amount borrowed. Subject to this cost cap, interest will be applied at a rate of 12% per month (a maximum APR of 144%). Repayments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Loans can be settled early with no penalty and interest will only be charged whilst there is an outstanding balance on the loan, hence early settlement will reduce the amount payable on the loan.For example, a weekly paid Personal Loan of $1,000 over 5 months incurs a $145 Establishment Fee and typically has interest of $408, which is a total repayment of $1,553 ($1,000 + $145 + $408 = $1,553).

Credit Solutions

Convert Your Thinking

It happens to all of us. Every once in a while you find yourself short of a bit of cash and need a solution to get you through. That’s where Cash Converters can help.

Every week we help thousands of people with short-term financial solutions, no matter what their credit history. We keep the loan structure nice and clear by explaining what you need to repay and by when, and we’ll only lend you what you can afford to repay. Loans are only suitable for short-term needs and are not suitable for long term or regular borrowing.

What loan is best for me?

There are a lot of different names for all the types of cash loans available. It can be confusing to figure out which loan is right for you! The links below help explain what each loan is, you can also call us and we will help you find the right solution.